See our incredible range of work boots & footwear at our Ballina-Byron Bay Superstore

When you are on the work site, the right work boots are essential. Not every work environment requires you to have the same foot protection; the type of boot you need to wear can vary considerably according to your profession. At TWW Ballina we can offer an assorted range of footwear & boots featuring zip sided, steel cap, composite toe, lace up, scuff caps, the list goes on.


Decrease your risk on the job with anti-slip boots

When working in a workplace with greasy or damp floors you should opt for anti-slip sole and amongst our extensive range of lace up work boots and footwear you will be able to find something that suits your taste. Damp, greasy, oily floors and irregular surfaces are all common hazards in the construction industry, but at our store let us show you a range of footwear to help minimise that risk. 

Safety is only one aspect, what about comfort? Wearing poorly fitted boots can be as hazardous as a slippery surface in the work place and can lead to just as many painful injuries. Ensure your work boots are fitted by a professional, or ensure you are buying off an expert online like Totally Workwear Ballina who can help you get the right boot. Let’s face it there is also the look of the boot, you want them to look good and our friendly staff can ensure you get everything you want.

We are specialist suppliers of Steel Blue work boots; the goal of Steel Blue is to create and sell the most comfortable safety footwear and safety boots in the world. This is accomplished through the quality manufacturing as part of every Steel Blue brand work boot and is backed by their money back 30-day Comfort Guarantee. Steel Blue boots have created technology that absorbs more shock, without impacting on comfort or performance. Cushioning your feet will assist in reducing day-to-day fatigue you experience whilst standing all day; you only get one pair of feet so why wouldn’t you want to reduce the chance of a stress related injury to the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Steel Blue are extremely proud to be endorsed by the APA, this is a great acknowledgement of their work in comfort and reducing injuries.

We stock a large range from the industry’s leading suppliers, Blundstone, Magnum, Dunlop, Mongrel, Steel Blue, Oliver and CAT® plus many more. Our range is as extensive, we are experts in Gum Boots, Steel & Bump Caps, Hiker, Non-Safety, Joggers and heaps more. Why not try our latest addition to our range, our range of zip sided shoes & similar items are a convenient choice? The high-quality zipper ensures they are very easy and very quick to get on your feet- to get you going quickly. Handy if you need to take your boots off regular throughout the day.

Or an old favourite, our elastic sided safety work boots & footwear easily stretch at the side when you put them on for a comfortable and less restricted fit.